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Cátedra SLAS: SLAS and Instituto de Iberoamérica, Universidad de Salamanca

SLAS members are invited to apply to become a Cátedra SLAS at the Instituto de Iberoamérica, Universidad de Salamanca:

The Cátedra SLAS will deliver an 8-hour masters-level course (1ECTS) on any aspect of Latin American Studies lasting 1 week (usually across Mon-Thurs) in either semester 1 or semester 2.

The Instituto de Iberoamérica will pay a bursary of 600 euros (minus tax). SLAS will also pay a bursary of £600. These payments are not a salary but are bursaries paid to cover any expenses incurred. As this is not a salaried post, the Cátedra SLAS would not need a work permit, but would need to ensure that they comply with all visa requirements to enter Spain. 

Applicants must be members of SLAS, have completed their doctorate, and should have significant previous teaching experience.

Applications will be ranked by SLAS and the top 3 applications will be sent to our partners in Instituto de Iberoamérica, who will make the final selection.

Preference may be given to applications in the fields of cultural studies, anthropology, international relations, development studies and gender studies.

If you can, please include indicative dates that you would be free to deliver this course. If you can include more than 1 option, please do include that information on the form.

Ideally the majority of classes will be delivered as seminars, with a focus on discussion. Students will expect to be assigned reading ahead of the classes. Classes will be delivered in Spanish.

The course will be assessed by a short essay of 1500 words. You will set the question to be answered and will mark the essays.

In order to apply, please complete the following form and submit it to


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