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About SLAS, the organisation

The website

Please contact

Dr Marieke Riethof (SLAS President) - EN, ES, PT


Dr Cara Levey (SLAS Secretary) - EN, ES

SLAS Twitter feed - @SLASLatAm

Please contact


SLAS Secretary

Please send materials you would like us to circulate via Twitter to

Carole Concha Bell (Digital Administrator for general SLAS related content)



Javier Pérez Osorio (Digital Administrator for BLAR related content)

LATAM-INFO mailing list

Please contact

Dr Rory Miller (Administrator) - EN, ES, PT


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Climate Action Plan 

Please contact


Dr Paul Merchant - EN, ES, FR, PT


SLAS LinkedIn

Connect with us on LinkedIn:

For general enquiries, please email us at

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About PILAS (for PG SLAS members)

Photo:Thea Pitman, Uruguay

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