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Data Protection Policy

The Introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR; will not signify significant change for SLAS as a ‘data controller’, or holder of personally identifiable information (PII): we have been advised that we do not need to register as an entity with GDPR, nor do we need to appoint a data protection officer.


In setting our Data Protection protocols for the purpose of complying with the GDPR, SLAS has adhered to the following principles:

  • We will collect and retain only the minimum data that is necessary for the smooth running of SLAS, including distribution of the SLAS newsletter, BLAR and occasional communications with the membership for SLAS-related activities (e.g. REF consultation; SLAS elections)

  • Renewal of membership will constitute consent for SLAS’s holding of that data

  • The data will be held securely and will be shared only with Wiley, who manage our membership services; Wiley’s own privacy policy can be accessed at

  • We will use passwords when internally sharing any personal data for the running of SLAS

  • Members will have the right to see and to correct the data we hold about their individual membership

  • A complete withholding of consent to the retention of data will make it impossible for the member to receive communications from SLAS, including paper or electronic versions of BLAR


What data will we hold relating to you?

  • Full name(s) – required for your identification

  • Email address – for default contact with you

  • Institutional affiliation/ Postal address – for postal delivery of BLAR, where appropriate

  • Student status (for PILAS purposes and appropriate membership fee)

  • GiftAid agreement and taxpaying status – necessary for the claiming of GiftAid from HMRC

  • Wiley will hold on our behalf method and date of subscription payment – for verification/ renewal of your current membership status and eligibility for receipt of membership benefits

Use of Data for communication

  • Wiley will pass to the President, Secretary and PILAS President each month a list of current members’ first and last names, and an email address for the purpose of sending the email communications that SLAS deems necessary for the benefit of its members or the functioning of SLAS.

  • This list is held on a secure computer and is not shared with any other persons who are not part of the SLAS Committee.

  • Each month the complete contents of the contacts list will be deleted and the most recent list of current SLAS members will be uploaded.

  • If you have been a member in the past and received a copy of the eNewsletter, or other SLAS communication, by email that has been sent via an email marketing service, details of that communication / eNewsletter have been retained for statistical reporting purposes and will be held for six years after the initial communication.

Where and how is your data held?

Full data is held in a password-protected file by Wiley on behalf of SLAS; the file will be shared via a File Transfer Protocol site with relevant members of the SLAS committee (e.g. President, Secretary, Treasurer, PILAS President), who will access it via individual passwords and keep it on password-protected computers

How long will your data be retained?

We will retain the data relating to each year of your membership for six years from the end of that year, unless you ask for any particular year(s) to be deleted sooner. Your right to access, rectify or erase the personal data You may contact the SLAS Secretary at any time to ask for access to, and rectification of, your own data. You can ask for your personal data to be removed at any time, but this would affect the SLAS membership services and benefits you would receive.

Who else may see your data?

We will not pass your data on to any commercial third party beyond Wiley, who manage the Society’s memberships (and so a ‘data processor’ in GDPR terms). Wiley will not share your data with third parties, with specific non-commercial exceptions (see If you publish with BLAR, your PII will be shared with ScholarOne, which is owned by Clarivate; their data privacy policy is available at

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