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Events Grants

SLAS makes available funds amounting to approximately £4,000 annually to support seminars, conferences and other events which promise to be of high quality, to advance the objectives of the Society, and to appeal to a considerable number of its members.


All applicants must be members of SLAS. Applicants will normally receive a confirmation of receipt of an application within 3 working days. Applications will be retained for up to one year and will be shared with members of the SLAS committee for assessment. Applications arriving after the deadline will not be considered under any circumstances.


SLAS will not consider applications for events held within one month of the deadline for submission of applications.


All events supported must be open to all members of the Society (subject to payment of conference fees, where appropriate), which means that events should normally be held in the UK. SLAS will fund events hosted online. The contribution of the Society to any conference or event must be clearly and publicly acknowledged.


SLAS has acknowledged the climate emergency and has a Climate Action Plan. For events, we ask applicants to think about the resources used in universities and venues (e.g. no disposable cups). We encourage all applicants to include more sustainable options within any budgets, even if these are more costly than the most basic option. If you are doing something specific to address climate action as part of the event you are planning, please do include this in the outline or as part of the relevant further information.

Recipients are required to provide a copy of the event programme including details of the papers delivered and a 500-word report which may be used on the SLAS website.


Funding is available as follows:

  • 1 Day Workshop / Event: maximum funding = £500

  • Conference (lasting more than one day): maximum funding = £1000

  • Seminar Series (separate events held over 1 year, at 1 academic institution) maximum funding = £500

  • Other Events: Please contact the SLAS Secretary.

SLAS is happy to support costs related to caring responsibilities (for example costs towards the provision of childcare) as part of our grant applications. In the outline budget, please do feel free to include any such costs as part of the application.


ALL claims and paperwork must be submitted by the end of October (see timeline below).


Successful applicants must pay the costs associated with their conference or event in advance, and will be reimbursed by SLAS up to the amount of the award. To be reimbursed the conference or event accounts must be submitted to the SLAS Treasurer.


Assessment Criteria:​

  • Originality and potential contribution of the proposed conference / event – out of 10

  • Feasibility and coherence of the programme – out of 10

  • Rationale for the event including the impact of the seminar on the promotion of Latin American Studies in the host institution and / or locality – out of 10

  • Justification of budget (including consideration of funding from other sources) – out of 5

Application Timeline

  • October: Deadline for Event Grant Application.

  • November: We aim to inform applicants of the outcome of the application within 1 month.

  • After 15 November but before 31st October of following year: Event takes place.

  • 31st October: All paperwork to be submitted to SLAS Treasurer to claim expenses up to the amount of the award.

  • 31st October: Send a copy of the event programme including details of the papers delivered and a 500-word report which may be used on the SLAS website to the SLAS Secretary.


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